You might say I was born to do this kind of work as I come from a long line of teachers, counselors/therapists and family members in the medical field. As young as 14 I can remember gravitating from my gymnastics assignments to venture over to the women's gymnastics area. I didn't just physically teach them tricks but would actually sit down with them and describe certain mental tricks they could use that would make that trick come quicker. I'm not sure where that came from, all I know is that it worked for me. And I've always been very verbal. While others were afraid to speak in public I loved it !

I also gave pep-talks before a competition around 14 that continued through college or international assignments. (even though at times there were teammates much older than me.) I remember the first time (again, around 14 years old) the meet was ready to start and everyone was just looking around with their eyes saying "help me." and I just started talking in a very positive way and my pep talks became a popular, regular thing. And just like that, a counselor/therapist was born. This may sound a bit crazy but that's how this career got started !!


B.S. in Education, Ohio State University
M.S. in Education/Sports Administration, West Virginia University
M.S. Certification Program, University of Phoenix, Education/Psychology/Counseling


Ohio State University (OSU) Gymnastics Team member
OSU Scholar-Athlete Award Winner
OSU Women's Gymnastics Team Assistant Coach
West Virginia University Women's Gymnastics Team Assistant Coach ((when i arrived at the WVU they were ranked 39th in the country, when I left two years later, they finished the third best NCAA college gymnastics team in the United States.)
Region 7 Assistant Coach of the year
Owned and operated Buckeye Gymnastics Inc. One of the top 20 best gymnastics schools in the U.S.
I was appointed coach and sports psychologist for the following international assignments, U.S.vs Switzerland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Great Britain and Russia.